Sunday, September 21, 2014

Black with Orange Stripes - Fire Play

Introducing a new hankee for those of us who appreciate fire play.  Whether it is fire cupping or the more elaborate form of fire play.  Personally I like fire cupping as it leaves a good mark on the body without injury.

Fire cupping uses glass "cups" that seal upon the skin when a fire is lite under the cup.  Once the fire has been started, the cup is placed on top of the small fire.  Most use a leather strip to lite the fire on, but a more extreme approach is to lite the fire directly on the skin.  This is not recommended for newbies as doing incorrectly can lead to permanent skin damage and possible scarring.   FIre cupping is actually based on a chinese medicine and is still used professionally.  You can check out a youtube video that shows it being used as chinese medicine at

The other form of fire play is a free form fire event.  It consists of using fire wands and alcohol.  The alcohol is placed 
directly on the skin.  When done effectively, there is no harm to the receiver as the fire is immediately dispensed as soon
as it.  This form of fire play is more common in dungeon settings as the result is for the benefit of the watcher and not
necessarily the receiver.  This form of play can be very.....very....dangerous.  The risk is not only to the receiver of the fire play
but is also a risk to the fire player.  Alcohol can be difficult to manage when a newbie.  Pour too much alcohol on the receiver
and increase the risk of damaging the skin.  Stating such, once you become familiar with the fire itself, you can increase the 
alcohol.  When done correctly, it is a very stunning play to observe.


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