Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yellow and White Zigzag - Electric Play

One of the first experiences I had as a mentor for being a Master was being introduced to electric play.  Specifically, a Folsom Tens unit.   Wow, it hurt like it again.  So how is it that there was never a designated hankee for such a fun activity.  You can use a Tens unit on pretty much every body part or cavity.  My favorite is the nipple clamps followed by the ball ring.  There are also dildos that use the Tens Unit and that is a very interesting feeling.

There have been cases of loss of sensitivity when Tens Unit is used too high for too long of a duration.  However, that is extreme and for the most part, only pain occurs with no damage.  There are many sites that sell Tens Units with attachments.  I've tried to find the Folsom unit but have not been successful.  It had a great set of attachments and has a VERY strong current.

I personally like to fuck some ass while I'm zapping my sub.  I've been told it increases the sensation and causes larger orgasms (just more to swallow).  The good part of a Tens Unit is that it manages itself once settings are set.  Plug the sub up and go onto other play scenes while they experience the Tens Unit.

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