Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Milker dilemma

This is the hankee that confuses me a bit.  My personal opinion is that if you suck dick (Light Blue Hankee) then you swallow.  Why suck otherwise.  Again, this is my own opinion.  But back to milking.  The hankee symbolizes those who swallow cum.  Whether you jack them off, suck them dry, or simply tell them to cum (it works with some subs), milking is the act of swallowing.

For me, I would have to wear the Light Blue (cock sucker), and a white hankee (jerk off) with the holstein.  Damn that's three hankees just dealing with the process.  My suggestion is that there is a light blue and white with Holstein pattern.  I would have to think about it to determine the best approach without having to sew several hankees together.

Personally, I'm surprised that Holstein represents swallowing and not cowboys (rust hankee).  On a side note, Holstein makes an excellent bed covering for playing.  I like using one with bed bondage and fisting.  It just fits.

Would I wear the Milker hankee.......hell ya.  Of course, there are about 8 other hankees I would wear so I would need to prioritize based on what I'm into that particular night.  But since I almost always swallow (there are some who taste bad), I need to add this hankee to my pocket.

The general rule is that if the hankee is in the left pocket you swallow, where as if you were it on your right, you are willing to be swallowed (who's not willing).  Personally, I have not seen a Holstein hankee on the right side, only left./

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